How to choose a straw hat in the summer ?

Straw hat

Summer has arrived, and the summer fairy must not forget to do the sun protection work in summer. In addition to applying sunscreen, the summer sun umbrella is also a must for many young ladies to go out, but in contrast, they can liberate their hands. The hat is also favored by many young ladies, and the hat is also part of the style. So choosing a stylish and practical straw hat is a good choice.

1. Select according to the brim

Straight version of the brim: The top of the version is similar to the top hat. The three-dimensional sense is very strong. This advantage is very good with clothes. In summer, it can be matched with a T-shirt or a small skirt.

Wavy brim: with a beach style and soft texture, it is more suitable for clothing with beach style and retro style.

Eversion-type brim: Based on the straight version of the brim, it adopts the upward-inversion design, which looks more French-style and retro.

Straw hat

2. These design points can enrich the design of the hat

Fringed edges: The color of straw hats will not change much, so detailed design is needed to enrich the personalization of hats. The design of the fringed edge is quite special, and it does not need to be attached to the outhouse, just change the way of finishing.

Black bandage: The black bandage added on the straw hat looks more elegant and delicate, and the young lady who likes the sweet wind can also add the design of the bow bandage, which also looks more beautiful and versatile.

3. Straw hat wearing skills

1). The brim should not be too wide, just shading

2). It is better to have a certain height at the top of the hat for more spirit

3). It is recommended to match casual clothes