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As Straw hats manufacturer in Ningbo, China,we produce all kinds of hats, artistic bags, artistic head wear with many years experience of producing and exporting.With strictly quality controlling from raw materials to final products,we grow up to very quickly in the industry. We are aimed to provide oversea customer high quality fashion straw hats with competitive prices.

Our main products include: 100% wool felt hats, sinamay hats, various straw hats and hat bodies, paper hats, paper yarn hats, twisted sea-grass hats, bao straw hats, paper braid hats, raffia straw hat, sisal hats, jute hats, cotton hats, baseball caps, and all kinds of head wears etc.

It is most important for us to satisfy the requirements of our clients, with a guarantee of always providing high quality products at competitive prices, punctual delivery and excellent service. Therefore, we have upgraded our factory with new facilities and working teams over the past few years.

straw hats

Straw Hats

A straw hat generally refers to a hat woven with water grass, mat straw, wheat straw, bamboo strips or brown rope, etc., and the brim is relatively wide. It can be used to protect from rain, sun, and put clothes in the cap when resting to prevent dust.

Straw Hats Manufacturing process

Weaved seven-strand braids with wheat straw (waterweed, wheat straw, bamboo strips or brown rope, etc.), hand-made a snail-shaped bottom, and then used a straw hat machine to nail into a straw woven or straw hat. Finally, use seven strands of braid to circle the brim of the hat. Wearing this kind of straw hat in summer is not only shading but also ventilated, and it is very cool.

Pros and cons
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Single knot
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Round the grid copper eye
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